Get Fitter, Stress Less & Look More Youthful In Under 60 Minutes Per Day From Home with the help of Community Fitness professional from around the UK!



Are you tired of not feeling like YOU when you look in the mirror?!


Are the lines & wrinkles from stress & ageing making you feel UNCONFIDENT?!


Have you gained weight in the global pandemic but can't bare to step foot inside a gym or fitness class?


Do you feel like you need to spend hours exercising to get any results and so you end up doing none?


It’s time to feel GREAT about you again and learn a daily practice that once implemented can become a habit for life that will help you to reclaim your confidence & help you feel like you again!

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Fitness & health means different things to different people, but we're defining it as when you feel like you are YOU.

You feel great about yourself , you feel energised & calm the majority of the time

...and you don't feel like it's too much of an effort to feel that way!

Of course, it may mean something different to you but one thing we wanted to create with Fit@home is a one-stop-shop that does it all -

It gets you feeling fitter, helps you prioritise self -care (which also helps you look younger!) AND includes mindfulness because our mental health is just as important as our physical health!

Community Fit@home includes time effective workouts & wellness sessions, mini Face Yoga sessions, meditation & mindfulness practices  -

...which will never take you more than 60 minutes per day and most of the time it's more like 40 minutes or less!

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There are OVER 400 sessions available in the Fit@home membership site and app but don't worry we don't leave you to navigate those on your own, unless you want to!

The site and app are divided into easy to navigate sections so canto pick and choose sessions to do daily, check out all the 'studios' that are available 👇🏻

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Or you can follow a new monthly plan every month which follows the Fit Face Flow Method daily!


This gives you structure to follow a new plan every month, where every day you get the following sessions 👇🏻


You can follow the plan exactly or fit in sessions each day in alignment with what time you have available!

30 minute Fitness or Wellness sessions

 5-10 minute Face Yoga sessions

A mindfulness task - e.g. 10 minute meditation

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🌟 A go-to daily plan that helps you fit in a time-effective wellness routine to your day and week - just click the app and do the sessions.

🌟Variety so you don't get bored and you find a balanced routine for the mind, body and face!

🌟A Structure so you don't have to decide what to do, you can just show up and do it!

🌟Flexibility - If you fancy something different there's always something to choose from and another instructors session to try!

🌟An actual real life & relatable fitness instructor s that you can reach out to via a private Facebook group, instead of a celebrity or influencer who you will never be able to speak to personally!

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You’re ready to stop feeling, well, meh!


You're ready to stop waiting round for a class timetable


You're ready to feel more energised


You're ready to look younger and feel great about you!


You're ready to have a de-stressing tool at your fingertips


And you're ready to do it all from the comfort of your own home and in under 60 minutes!

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